SkyRise Miami


Miami real estateย has a new development coming up in the next months that it is not a condominium. Miami is adding a new icon named: SkyRise Miami.

SkyRise Miami is the new addition to Miami’s skyline that will be an observatory deck, amusement park with thriller attractions and lots of entertainment.SkyRise1
SkyRise Miami tower will be like the Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris, the Burj Khalifa stands out in Dubai and maybe as what the Statue of Liberty means for new yorkersย and New York views.

According to the project developed Jeff Berkowitz, SkyRise will be a revolutionary structure that will be instantly recognizable and capture the energy and exhilaration of Miami.

SkyRise Miami will be an asymmetrical tower of 1,000 ft hight in Bayside Market Place and the tower will be facing the Caribbean and South America welcoming visitors from the South to the North America.

skyrise5 Miami observatory deck will feature unparalleled 40 miles views of the city of Miami, Miami Beach and the ocean. The tower attractions will be the base jumping like bungee jump from the inside of the tower, a 12 seat ride called SkyRise “Drop” that will be the longest drop in the world with 650 ft and speed of 95 MPH, a “Flying theater” that will be a motion based simulator with 72 seats similar to Soarin’ at Disney World Orlando.

SkyRise Miami was approved by Miami-dade voters in August 2014, but on June 2015 the developer was sued for acquiring 9 million funds from Miami dade County if not resolved the project might have to be up for voting once again to be approved.

Hopefully, Miami-Dade votes in favor because Miami skylines need an icon to be recognized around the world, Miami needs SkyRise.

SkyRise2 SkyRise3


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