New Grand MiamiCentral Train Station coming and new train service: Brightline

There is a new and giant Miami Central Train Station approved and being constructed in Overtown Miami.

The new Miami Central Train Station found its new home on NW First Avenue between Third and Eight Street. The project site is now full of construction machines and concrete fillings but once it will be finished it will become a nine-acre complex home to Miami Tri-Rail system and the station for Brightline, the new and first Miami-to-Orlando passenger train service.

The project is more than just a train station, it will be a 3 million square foot complex that will include shops, offices, grocery store, a hotel and apartment building.

The project is privately founded by the new train Service Brightline. Brighlight will connect Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach-Orlando.

The new train station for the Tri-Rail and Brighlight is believe  that it will benefit the state since Florida has over 20 million residents and around 100 million tourists a year. Miami and Orlando are the most visited cities in Florida.

Brighline trains will not be high speed trains but will get to a speed of 125 miles per hours and will shorten time. Miami to Orlando will be 3 hours duration and will definitely be less time consuming than driving but still is not define what will be the cost of riding the new trains to Orlando. Prices will be release once the project is completed.

Brighline is already building the train stations in Fort Lauderdale downtown and West Palm Beach since 6 months ago and those stations are expected to be completed by  end of 2016.

Miami’s new and giant grand central station and Brighline service will be completed by 2017 and will truly change the dynamic and transportation of the city.

This is another reason to love Miami for improving and making the city every day better.


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