Art Basel and Miami Art Week 2016 – Guide

One of the most important and busiest week in Miami is Finally here!

Art Basel and Miami week are happening starting with VIP previews on November 30th and grand opening from December 1st till December 4th.

Art Basel and Miami week is an important and busy week in Miami where art collectors, artists, celebrities, art galleries and art aficionados get together to enjoy the galleries presentations and of course Miami parties all around the city.

This guide will help you with all you need to know to enjoy Miami Art Week and the best places to hit this week.


Art Basel is the exhibition at the Miami Beach Convention Center where 269 of the world’s leading Modern and contemporary art galleries display premier paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, photography and film from over 4,000 artist.

Art Basel also presents a sister exhibition across from the Miami Beach Convention Center called Miami Design. Miami Design is also a very interesting fair for anyone interested in design.

Tickets for Art Basel cost $50 if purchase in advance, 105 for the 4 days of Art Basel and $60 for Art Basel exhibition as well as Miami Design.

If you are a VIP or serious art collector, Art Basel tickets are complementary and by invitation only. You get them on the mail. If you are one of us you will get the VIP invitation, with access to VIP lounges and a endless champagne glasses of the official Art Basel Sponsor Ruinart Champagne while enjoying the purges of being a VIP.

Art Basel opens it’s door on Dec. 1st to Dec. 4th.


Some people believe that Miami Art Weekl is the same as Art Basel, the answer my friends is no. Miami Art Week is a special week that was created due to Art Basel in Miami Beach.

During Miami Art Week, satellite fairs and festival happen all around the city of Miami and Miami Beach.

Miami Art Week satellite fairs are usually located in Midtown, Wynwood and many hotels around the city.

The most famous and worth a visit satellite fairs are: Art Miami located in Midtown, Context in Midtown, Spectrum and Red Dot located at 17th Street and Second Ave in Miami, Pinta Miami at Mana Wynwood and of course Scope Miami Beach.

The tickets for the mentioned satellite fairs range from $20 one day pass to $45. But, if you happen to be a VIP by invitation tickets to any satellite art fair is complimentary.

Parties during Miami Art Week:

Every nightlclub, lounge and hotel embraces Art Basel/Art Week and invite many famous djs, celebrities and artists to come together. During this week Miami feels different and more sophisticated since people from all over the world come for this week.

Wynwood area one of Miami’s art and trendy neighborhood announced they are allowed by the city to open till 5 am! So bars and lounges will stay till late!

The good thing about this week is that anybody can feel like they are part of Miami Art Week an enjoy any parties but for some parties is really hard to get an invitation or sometimes very expensive such as Madonna’s private event at the gorgeous Faena Hotel.

Madonna’s private presentation called “Tear’s of Clown” will be on Dec. 2nd at the new Faena Forum performing art center and many celebrities guests will join Madonna on stage such as Chris Rock, Sean Penn and Ariana Grande.

The event is very intimate with only 400 tickets being sold for the amount of $5,000 but it is for a good cause. All proceeds from the show will benefit the non-profit organization Rising Malawi.

There is a cocktail reception before the gala for VIP guests who will get to meet and greet Madonna. Is not enough to be a VIP to meet the queen of Pop, also $150,000 is needed to attend the reception!

Another super VIP Event but by invitation only happens every year and is the exclusive Vanity Fair event sponsored by Perrier Jouet Champagne where everybody that is a jetsetter and celebrity attends gets invited to.

How to get in and around MIAMI ART WEEK/ART BASEL:

The best way to get around to the Satellite Fairs, exhibitions and the Convention Center is by Uber. Finding parking gets frustrating during this week and traffic gets hectic and you can spend hours going from exhibition to exhibitions.

Also the best new is that Uber will offer complementary boat shuttles from Miami land to Miami Beach for art visitors to spend more time looking at interesting and sometimes weird art than stuck in traffic. To get one of the Uber boats you will need to get into Uber’s app and request the boat!


1- Dress comfortably but chic. Exhibitions are big and sometimes they get crowded and there is a lot of walking involved.

2. Don’t wear heals. Like I said, there is a lot of walking involved specially when visiting many art fairs the same day. And I’m mentioning by experience!

3. Don’t touch the art! No need to explain this.

4. Be respectful when entering a gallery, specially since you never know if the artists are present. Many times they are and you can talk to them. But there is always an art dealer present so any bad comments leave it for later.

5. Enjoy Miami Art Week even if you are not an art aficionado there are many events and exhibitions to discover! I’m sure you will find one piece of art you will fall in love and even if you can’t afford it, you can always take a picture to take it home!

Miami Art Week is another reason to Love, Live Miami!




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