Frost Science Museum finally opening on May 8!

Miami, FL – Great news for Miami residents, families and science geeks, the new Frost Science Museum will finally open on May 8th 2017!

The science museum located at Museum Park will feature state-of-the-art planetarium featuring one of only 13 8k projectors in the world with a 3 level aquarium. As Frost Science Museum wants to say “it will be one of the most sophisticated science museums in the world around the globe.”

The $305 million Frost Science Museum was expected to open about two years ago, however travel in paradise delayed the construction after parting with the museum’s previous contractor. Then, last year the project face trouble again due to lack of funds where Miami-dade had to step in to help with the cost of the operation and bailed them out.

But now the Science Museum drama is in the past, more than 80% of the project is completed and May 8th will be the grand opening.

If you are interested in attending to the museum’s first week of opening or later on, the cost of the tickets will be $28 for adults and $20 for children. However, you can become a museum’s member but paying an annual fee of $65 for an individual or $145 for families with up to 4 children. There are other membership options on the website where you can become a member or purchase your ticket at

Love new projects, museums and facilities that help promote tourism in Miami and add new lights to the Miami skyline.

Another reason to Love, Live Miami.

Writer: Daniela Vrillaud

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