CMX Cinema – The VIP experience opened at Brickell City Centre

Miami, FL – CMX Cinema opened its door this week at Brickell City Centre. The new movie theater promises to be the VIP experience cinema and it sure is. 

I had the privilege of experience what the fuzz was all about. 

The 35,759 square-foot Cinema features 1o screens with fully reclinable seats. Also, there are two bars in the cinema which guests can enjoy drinks and food without buying a movie ticket. The bars feature enormous tv screens in a modern futuristic interior design.
File Apr 26, 2 18 34 PM

The movie theater it self promises to be luxurious and it really is. The screen room was big with fully comfy reclinable chairs, with dining and bar service. the price of the tickets are $22 and includes a free popcorn and blankets upon request. Tickets can be buy online at or at the ticket counter.File Apr 26, 2 16 22 PM

The reclining seats have a table and usb ports to charge phones which comes handy. Eating while watching a movie is priceless and the CMX has a full menu with salads, burgers, pizza, cuban eggrolls, shrimp, tuna tartar, ect and full bar menu. Also, they have many popcorn flavors such as caramel popcorn (was amazing), chocolate popcorn and cheese popcorn. The food was actually really good. The service, well is a new business even though everyone was super extra nice and friendly when we got there, when we sat down and when we left and our waitress was so nice, we still have some problems when ordering food. Specially by pressing the red button they have to call the waiter but nobody came in, but we ended up ordering after 30 minutes from a busser coming with drinks.File Apr 26, 2 15 54 PM

Overall, CMX Cinema was a VIP and luxurious experience and it was worth the ticket price. CMX Cinema is what Brickell and Downtown area needed for a long time and is now finally home!File Apr 26, 2 14 57 PM

Love, Live Miami


Writer: Daniela Vrillaud


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