Travel diary: Jaipur, India

On our trip to India we completed the golden triangle with our visit to The city of Jaipur. The golden triangle is basically the tourist circuit which connects New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur!

Jaipur is know as the “pink city” since the buildings are paint in pink color all around the city. If you love pink like me you would love this city!! A little history about why Jaipur was painted pink was that in 1876 Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales visited India and the Maharaja (king) at the time decided to paint the whole city in pink as a welcome gift to the English royalty as the pink color denotes hospitality. Now a days they keep the tradition and the whole city is painted in different shades of pink! It’s sooo cute!!! Just a pink paradise!

Where to stay:

We arrived to Jaipur from Agra in a private hire car. It’s not the only way to arrive to Jaipur but it’s the fastest way from Agra which takes about 4 hours by car and there are no flights from Agra to Jaipur. You have the option of arriving by train but it takes around 7 hours (not recommended).

The road to Jaipur is super bumpy and there’s a lot of cars, trucks, scooters, cows, goats and people since you have to go through many towns to arrive to Jaipur but trust me you will be super entertained the whole trip!!

After almost 4 hours we arrived to Jaipur at the luxurious Oberoi Rajvillas in Jaipur. This hotel is just an oasis of beautiful gardens, trees and exotic bird life. The 5 star luxury hotel was built around a 300 year old shiva temple which is so magical and charming where as a guest you can enjoy sunrise yoga sessions, meditation or ceremonies with a Hindu priest. Each day of our stay I practice yoga during sunrise with an amazing yoga instructor in front of the temple in the gardens and it was amazing!! I loved it so much!!

The Oberoi Rajvillas also features a beautiful pool with elephants statues around and maharaja style pool lounge chairs and decor.

Our room at the Oberoi Rajvillas was perfect, all the villas are surrounded by the gardens with private entrances and were tastefully decorated in natural fabric and neutral colors, with a canopied four poster comfy king bed, and cozy sofa under the windows looking over to the gardens. The bathroom was just amazing!!! Wow!! The way to describe it was just royal perfection with a sunken, white marble bathtub with a glass window overlooking the private garden, separate glass shower, vanity and everything in Real marble, bathroom goals, super instagram worthy!!

Like all the other Oberoi’s we stayed in India the customer service was perfect and really into every detail of our stay and they really get to know us before arriving and warmly welcome us to the resort. The food was really good specially the naan bread that we became really addicted to it during our stay. Breakfasts were abundant with a big selection of warm and cold food and specially a big selection for vegetarians like myself.

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed staying at the Oberoi Rajvillas in Jaipur, the friendly staff, the service of our driver, the amazing food, pool and beautiful spa and all the gifts we received from them (who doesn’t love gifts?!). Thank you so much again Oberoi Rajvillas for our wonderful and special stay!!

What to do in Jaipur:

Jaipur like all the cities we visited in India have many historic places and you have a lot of sightseeing to do! Here is my list of my favorite places to visit while in Jaipur and the ones you seriously cannot missed!

  • Amber Fort or also known as Amber Palace. You can spend half a day walking around the gardens, hallways and the palace. There’s so much historic inside this beautiful palace and many hallways to get lost in! I would recommend going early in the morning specially if you are visiting during the summer.
  • Hawa Mahal or Wind palace located in old Jaipur. I love this palace because it was built in the 1700 and the purpose was as window screen for the ladies of the royal hoursehold to look down to the street festivals while unseen from the street. The structure was designed in the form of the crown of Krishna the Hindu god which in Hinduism is the god for love and compassion.
  • Monkey temple is a complex with many  Hindu temples and natural spring water pools that descend from the hills and fill out the sacred water tanks. The main attraction is the tribe of monkeys that live in the temples. The monkeys are super cute but super aggressive (lol) so be careful because they can attack! Those cute monkeys are savages!! We bought a bag of peanuts to feed them but on of the main monkeys came up to as super cute as ask for one and let us get close to him and take pics but after that he snapped and broke the bag full of peanuts and left! Hahaha anyway it was such a cutie!!
  • Tripoli Bazaar for jewelry, textiles and souvenirs in Old Jaipur city where you can find everything specially precious stones and silver which is one of the main markets in Jaipur and where most precious stones come from! Precious stone heaven!!
  • Rambagh Palace which is a luxury 5 star hotel managed by the Taj Group but used to be the royal residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. It’s a beautiful palace extravagantly decorated and furnished with everything that the royal palace of Jaipur used to live and use. We were lucky that they offered us a tour around the famous room from the Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rajmata of Jaipur, born as Princess Gayatri Devi of Cooch Behar, with her husband Man Singh II, the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur State. There’s so much history and opulence around Rambagh Palace that is worth a visit and of course a dinner and lunch at their fine restaurants.

Where to eat:

  • Surya Mahal at the Oberoi Rajvillas the food is fresh and great and it has a mixed of international and Indian cuisine. Great for lunch and dinner!
  • Suvarna Mahal which is now a restaurant at Rambagh Palace, the former ballroom at the palace with beautiful crystal chandeliers and French style design. The restaurant is romantic and perfect for dinner. Serving Indian cuisine with All the silverware made of gold.
  • Rajput Room also at the Rambagh Palace with international cuisine. Also so beautiful and great for lunch and dinner. Silverware is made of of silver and it was the one used by the royal family. You seriously will feel like royals with the great service and amazing food.

Jaipur is definitely one of the prettiest cities I visited in India. Jaipur is a riot of pink colors, sparkling precious stones and so much history! Everywhere in Jaipur you will feel like royalty with Jaipur’s opulence of palaces and beautiful places to visit. I loved it so much and will definitely go back! I truly recommend it to visit Jaipur to complete your India’s trip golden triangle!

2 thoughts on “Travel diary: Jaipur, India

  1. Amazing!! Thanks for posting. I am heading to India for the first time next week. Landing in Delhi, then on to Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer – However we did book first class cars in trains, may I ask why you do not recommend this? How much is a private car, and how do you find someone trustworthy to be your driver?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Hillary!!
      You will love India, is a magical country. It’s great that you book first class in trains since are the only cars with AC. I don’t recommend the trains because there are not so clean and train stationstend to be overcrowded, not clean and very confusing since there are not many signs around. Also, most of the trains take longer than a car and some of the destinations have one train a day so the times might be really early in the morning. Hiring a private car was easier since you can decide the best time to leave any city and the driving time is less than a train.
      We hired a private car through our hotel which probably was a little more than hiring one on trip advisor but anyhow it wasn’t at all expensive. From Delhi to Agra was around USD$55 (2.5 hours) and from Agra to Jaipur was around USD $65 (around 4.5 hours). Anyway by either car or train you will love India!! It’s a very special and beautiful country!
      Have an amazing trip!


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