My South African Safari: Madikwe

It’s been a few months since I blogged and I missed to write some awesome winter travels but I’m becoming a mommy with my baby due in September and was not feeling ok to write until now!!!!

Now that I’m back… I was dying to write about my first safari ever which I just got back a few days ago!

We decided that this year was the year to go back to Africa for a safari in Kenya and Tanzania, we were organizing the trip while I found out we were expecting! I spoke with my ob dr. and he said that he didn’t recommend traveling to those countries due to my risk of catching malaria and that when you are pregnant you are not allowed to take the malaria tablets so we where bumped about it until I found many places where they were malaria free but in South Africa.

So we chose going to Madikwe in the border with Bostwana one of the largest reserve in South Africa with the plus of being Malaria free!! yay!!!

Madikwe is not only a malaria free zone perfect for when you are 20 weeks pregnant but also its a concentration of animals that don’t emigrate due to the fact that its a private reserve controlled by the government. The best part about Madikwe is that in order for you to explore and go on a safari you have to stay on one of the reserve’s lodges so it’s not at all like Kruger in South Africa which is the largest reserve and you can do a safari in your own car!

Madikwe is more like a dessert area and home for the big five (elephants, rhinos, lions, leopard and buffalo) and so many other animals.

Our safari days where all what we expected and more! We stay at Madikwe Safari Lodge a five star lodge with a limited amount of suites in the middle of the African bush. Our suite had the perfect comfy king bed, a fireplace, a beautiful bathroom with a tub, separate shower and outdoor shower overlooking the bush where you could spot some giraffes. The best part was our terrace with lounge chairs, dining table and an indoor plunge pool. The hotel served us the most amazing and fresh breakfast, brunch and dinners surrounded by nature in an amazing common area. The service was just impeccable.

The hotel had a common pool area overlooking  a water hole where animals come every day to drink the water. It was the so fascinating watching all these animals come together to drink the water and wait for the other species to finish! It’s was so relaxing and entertainment seeing the animals come to the water hole that I could’t read a book because watching them it was way better.












About what to do:

The fun of going in a safari is the safari! ha! You will wake up super early in the morning, eat some breakfast and go for the morning safari. Then, around 11 am you arrive at the lodge have some lunch and spent a few hours napping, at the pool, reading a book whatever you feel like doing. Then around 4pm the afternoon safari leaves where you will end up seeing most of the animals activities like lions eating diner, elephants bathing in the water holes and the rhinos waking the paths! At sunset the ranger stops somewhere in the bush and you can have a drink and some snacks. Around 8pm you arrive to the lodge for shower and dinner. You will end up so dead tired that you will sleep like a baby hearing the night activities of the animals! The perfect vacation!!!










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South Africa Safari


What to wear:

To go in a safari they said that you can wear whatever you like but I found that it was best to layer up! So bring some jackets, long sleeves because early in the morning or late at night gets chilly, they offer cozy blankets but it’s good to layer up because later in the day it will be extremely hot!

Also, wear pants, boots and a hat! Also sunglasses and of course sunscreen. Pack some bathing suit and summer dresses because in the daytime when you are at the lodge it gets summer warm!

Also pack binoculars, a camera, charged your iPhone because you will have the best time of your life watching all the animals that you will want to keep the memories forever!

There’s a quote that says “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa… for he has so much to look forward to…” And I agree 100% the wild is just pure magic!

Please comment below your questions and for all the videos  from my travels go to my instagram stories! Love Live Miami!


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