Baby Must-haves: First Year

Just a year ago I became a mommy to a handsome baby boy that if you follow me on instagram you now I like to call him Tommy bear.

As a first time mom I wonder and research all the items that I needed to have before my baby boy’s arrival. Through the months I purchased many things I thought I needed but when Tommy bear arrived I ended up not using them and going to Amazon to buy new stuff. Some of the things I purchased on Amazon I used them till this day and other stuff they where just a waist of money.

Many expecting moms and new moms asked me all the time which items I recommend and what worked for me… that’s the reason why I wanted to create this baby must-haves list to survive your baby’s first year!

These items where and still are a must for me and my baby who just turned 1 year old ( I’m not crying, you are!). Seriously, times does fly when you have a baby! So enjoy the snuggles, the sweet smell and the amazingly pure love that a baby brings!

Baby Must-Haves for surviving the first year (Click on each image to Shop)