About me


About Love, Live Miami

Love live Miami was created out of the love of my home Miami and my wanderlust. I wanted to create

something that belong to me and to share my experiences with you! I wanted to inspire you to travel, to explore the world and provide you with my travel diaries with everything you will need to know about the city, where to stay, the best places for pictures, yummiest food and what to do!

Daniela’s Story:

I decided to create a blog a few years ago about my career in Real Estate in the city of Miami. I liked writing about but it was not my favorite subject and I wasn’t passionate about it.

I been traveling for 4 years now to more than 30 countries (Yesss, I LOVE traveling so much!) So, everyone I knew will ask for suggestions of where to go, how to go around and all details, I decided to write about my wanderlust and all the places I get to traveled too!

I started blogging about my recent travels on July 2017 and I can say I’m passionate about it! This is something that I was craving for and sharing my travels with you is a dream come true!

Little more about me…

I was born in Argentina but raised between Argentina and the U.S. And in 2004 I moved to Miami for college where I graduated as a broadcast Journalist. I worked as a journalist for quite some time but found it was difficult to make a living at first with my career so that’s when I got into my family’s real estate business and later on founded my own business.

Traveling started when I was little since my family will take us everywhere however that changed for me when I became a grown up with bills!! (happens to us all!) And just like that I stop traveling an focussing on working. I craved for so many years to travel around the world, to visit different cultures, to fall in love somewhere far away and find someone to share my wanderlust with until I did! I met my now hubby and we starting making a list of all the countries and cities we wanted to visit and we started traveling. I stop planning and started going to places. Since my hubby is a DJ it was sometimes easier to go with him to the countries he was playing in but it became easier to book plane tickets and going to places we never thought of going and to surround ourselves in other cultures.

Now, I get to take my readers on all my travels and share my travel guides with you in hopes that my story inspires you to travel, explore your city, get on car and drive to a place unknown to you or just book that dreamy luxury hotel in a place far away!

So join me to fall in LOVE with the cities I visit as much as I do, LIVE my wanderlust dreams and explore MIAMI with me!

Thank you so much for your support and love!

Daniela Vrillaud